Walter Pennyworth


character sheet is pdf, available here


The Pennyworths have been loyal retainers to the Arvanxi family for centuries. The Arvanxi family believe that servants should go completely unseen and unheard aside from specific circumstances, so the Pennyworths have grown very proficient at staying hidden.

Walter was being trained to take over the role of butler once his grandfather retires, though his commitment to the job wasn’t very high. He had become disturbed by the state of affairs in Westcrown nobility: too often he has observed the horrid state of society. When he awoke as an oracle and lost his hearing, it caused much consternation among his family. After all a deaf man could never make a proper butler – how would he know when someone was knocking at the door? Faced with the prospect of being reduced to handling many of the least desired servant duties, and not really feeling loyal to his family’s masters, Walter left his home.

He has worked some small jobs since then – primarily selling his healing abilities to to those whose relationship with the church makes finding a healer rather difficult.

Walter Pennyworth

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