Scott's Council of Thieves Campaign

Excerpt from Kyra's Journal 1

I am glad we rescued Arael. None of my new found allies seem up to challenges of leading the Red Dawn. Janiven could one day, when she becomes more confident in her own abilities; confidence comes with experience.

I have little luck when it comes to social graces, and good looks can only get you so far. Perhaps I could invest some time in enchanting… though the loyalties gained would be far from genuine. Ruvin is set upon seeking revenge for his parents’ murder. His life must be full of loss living among humans. I am not sure he is capable of making friends or trusting others, but he has given me and Sifnas access to his home. Perhaps his trust is reserved for other elves.

Eb0911ex 99899Grenna is a living contradiction. Perhaps my mistrust is based on her half-orc heritage but she wants to fight when we can talk and wants to talk when we should fight. Walter has a vendetta on Westcrown itself, or at least its ruling families. He hides his disability well; I’ve noticed he was unaffected by the shrieker mushrooms in the sewers and tends to focus intently on my mouth as I speak.

Cheliax is completely alien to Sifnas. I’m sure life in the Mwangi Expanse would have its challenges, but Sifnas is like a child when it comes to life in “civilized” lands (if you can call the Wescrani particularly civil). After his arrival and our departure from the Barrow Wood, Sifnas promised to protect me, I suppose I can protect him from social predators.

I’m beginning to believe Janiven and Arael when they say the city guard do not protect the population and look to their own interests. I’ve heard about but do not yet understand the convoluted system of bribery the guard engage in. The people must see to their own protection or else pay excessive fees. The blacksmith was beside himself when we did not ask for payment when we rescued his son from the were-rat/goblin, White Chin.

Arael has asked us to seek out the Bastards of Erebus. It seems they are responsible for a recent swath of murders. He showed us to the most recent victim: Briago, a member of the Red Dawn. He was found face down in a pool of blood in his home; he killer slit his throat. With any luck we will prevent any more killings.



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