Scott's Council of Thieves Campaign

Freeing Arael

We start out planning to save the leader of our little group – a
gentleman named Arael, who our recruiter Yonovan assures us is quite
important. Arael is a half elf cleric of Yomodai who wants to see the
house of Thrune removed from power. There are about 20 other people
hiding in the deserted shrine that is our group’s current base.

Dawn of the first day (72 hours remain):

We met as a committee to discuss our group’s name and Arael’s rescue.
After some discussion, “The Red Dawn” was agreed to be a good name.
Our sign will be cloaks with detachable red hoods.

Yakopulio offered to let us borrow horses to aid in the rescue of
Arael, who is currently held by the Order of the Wrack. We agree to
ambush their prisoner transport as the road is crossing the river
Athua, planning to distract away the riders and assault the wagon.

Ruvin happened to be lent a powerful stallion, which will have more
significance later in the session.

The rescue of Arael goes off better than we could have hoped, and ends
with a humiliated Shanwen and the death of 2 of the Order of the
Wrack’s initiates. An awesome mask is stolen, and a very poor lie is
told to point at the city police.

We gain +1 fame point for freeing Arael.

When we return to the city, Ruvin and Walter return the horses while
the rest of the party escorts Arael (who apparently looks like Elrond)
to the abandoned shrine. While returning the horse, Thesing Umbero
Ulvaud angrily confronts Ruvin about his use of the stallion, but is
soothed by the diplomatic skills of the two player characters.

Dusk of the first day (60 hours remain):

The 3 elves went to see an opera that Thesing was performing in, and
witnessed the stallion kick an actor due to tiredness and poor

Dawn of the second day (48 hours remain):

This was mostly a day of rest and not drawing attention. The Elves
toured the city, Walter butlered a party near the docs, and Grenna
teaches the art of the sword to two members of the Red Dawn. One of
them, named Ricardo, shows great passion for swordwork.

Dusk of the second day (36 hours remain):

In the wee hours of the morning, the blacksmith urgently wakes Grenna
to help rescue his son from White Chin the goblin king. It’s quickly
decided they will wait for morning and gather the rest of the party.

Dawn of the final day (24 hours remain):

The party met up at Rufio’s house and began the search for the
blacksmith’s son. We began by heading to the wall between the city
proper and the ruined section nearby (which is known to house the dusk
market, which sells illicit and dangerous goods). We knew of 3 breaks
in the wall, and searched all three. In the first section, we found a
group of diseased homeless, desperately in need of treatment. In the
second we interfered with private affairs that shouldn’t be mentioned
in polite conversation. In the third section, we finally found a
sewer entrance.

After a small amount of diplomacy (which failed badly), we killed all
of the goblins at that part of the sewer, including White Chin. The
blacksmith’s son was safely rescued, and we received 1 fame point.

Dusk of the final day (12 hours remain):

The world did not end, as we are not playing Majora’s Mask.



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